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What is Manifest Fit?

Manifest Fit is a lifestyle changing program unlike anything else. While offering unmatched accountability for those looking to improve their lives, we create individualized workout regiments, food plans, and self-improvement strategies perfectly matched by a highly trained and certified coach (not robot or algorithm).

Manifest Fit works, it’s as simple as that. Unlike other programs that will take your general bio-indicators and plug it into a program, Manifest Fit matches you with highly qualified health and life coaches to delve deeper into you. Once the coach has created the workout and eating regiment best to tackle your goals, they will be in constant contact with you throughout the program. Instead of a generic email every few days rooting you on, you will have a personal training and lifestyle coach with you every step of the way.

Why Manifest Fit?
What qualifications do your coaches have?

To be a coach at Manifest Fit, you must reach a minimum requirement of experience, education, and certification. At the very least, each coach has a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, national certification under NASM and USAW, and at least three years experience with multiple client bases. Essentially, you will be coached by people who live and breathe health and wellness, not someone who excels at googling general tips and tricks.

You claim your programs are science-based, what does that mean?

It means that each program will make sense based on what works. Every program will come with explanations of the reasons behind what we are doing. Everything will be supported with fact-based citations from scientific journals and books, as well as mentioning meaningful studies in the field. If you ask why anything in your program is the way it is, we will have the answer for you.

When we started in 2014, Manifest Fitness sought to take the fitness world by storm.

After a lot of experience and change in focus, we took the "ness" out.

Essentially, we are Manifest Fit because we will make our plans fit into your life, we don't force you to fit in our programs.

Why Fit, and not Fitness?
Will I need to order special food for my program?

Special in terms of being specific for your goals? Yes. Special as in extremely rare and expensive? Not at all. All meal plans will cater to your individual goals and needs. We will work together to create a plan that makes the most sense for you.

Who is Manifest Fit for?

Manifest Fit is for any and everybody. Previous clients have come from as young as 6 to as old as 96. From underweight to overweight. Males, females, healthy, extremely unhealthy. There are very few situations we have not seen before, so reach out and let’s talk.

Are you able to create plans for athletes, too?

Absolutely. Our coaching staff has years of experience training athletes from all ages. 

We specialize in sport specific training for athletes of all ages and all sports.

We also focus on general sport related conditioning, strength/power improvement, and injury prevention and recovery.

There are two ways to start.

1. Visit our store and pick out a program that fits your life. Once you purchase, we will contact you with your consultation and begin your program.

2. Contact us for a free consultation. We will be able to find the best program fit for your goals, and then we will send you an invoice. Once payment is received, we will begin your program.

How do I get started?
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