Gold Tier Training

Gold Tier Training


Created to give people the ability to have a personal trainer that fits into their life, you will be matched to a coach who will create a workout and diet program fit to YOUR individual situation. They will be in constant contact with you daily to adjust workouts, keep you motivated, and make sure you're held accountable.

It's unmatched accountability at an unbeatable price.


Accountability - Your coach will contact you daily (or at a different interval you prefer) to adjust whatever is needed.


Program -  100% individual plan based on your life. This isn't a cookie cutter workout that's copy and pasted, but instead a completely unique program to get you the best results to fit into your life.

Diet Plan - A simple guide to help accelerate your results while giving you the flexibility to live your life. It's not a restrictive diet, but instead an opportunity to fit healthier, more meaningful food options into your life.

Perks - One free Manifest Fit shirt


What separates the Gold Tier from others is the constant opportunity to adjust your plan base on where you are in life. With that known, it is our only training plan that is paid in monthly installments.

  • The gold tier system is a monthly service. After paying your first month's fee, you will receive an invoice in your email with a recurring charge of your following month's due, $50.

    There is no cancellation fee following your third completed month. If you cancel before, a $100 fee will be assessed.

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