Life Coaching

Life Coaching


Health and wellness all start at the top, your brain. Mental and emotional health are often the most overlooked aspect of healthy living. With anxiety, depression, and general apathy at all-time highs, we have consulted with the best professionals in the business to combat it.

Our lifestyle coaching methods are meant to build your stress resilience and ability to adapt and overcome all challenges. Your coach will be available daily for questions and guidance, with a weekly Zoom call to iron out goals and adjust your plan as you grow.


Accountability - Your coach will be available daily to answer any questions you have. You will also set up a weekly Zoom meeting with your coach to dive deeper into weekly goals.


Program -  100% individual plan based on your life. You will be coached in all aspects of mental health and improvement. Confidence, peace of mind, and stress management are just some of the major focuses.

Perks - One free Manifest Fit shirt


This is a constant life-changing approach to make yourself the best possible person you can be. There is a 6-month minimum to life-coaching, with the ability to add it to longer terms.

$2,500 paid up from (6 months)


$549 a month (6 months)

Custom time periods are available if you wanted something longer.

  • All sales are final. By purchasing, you're agreeing to a 6-month term either paid in full or paid in 6 montly installments.

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